Tours in Lancaster, PA
Lancaster County has so much for locals and visitors to see and explore. You may consider roving around the downtown area or rather decide to explore the many back country roads available in the area on your own. However, if you want to see as well as learn the critical aspects in Lancaster, you may have to get expert help from a tour guide. Experienced tour guides will walk you through different places in Lancaster and will share information that would be difficult to unravel on your own. Even for the locals, a tour guide would still be imperative since there may be a few fascinating things that one has never discovered before. Here is a list of a few tours in Lancaster, PA to help you get out and start exploring the treasures at your disposal.
New Holland Haytools Factory Tour
This site hosts various engineering, marketing & manufacturing, research & development, and operations experts who come together to develop the leading haytools across the world. Guests can consider touring the New Holland manufacturing operations. The manufacturing operations in this factory are nested within an industrial environment and you can be assured of high safety standards. Guests should note that open-toed shoes are not allowed on the tour. Furthermore, safety glasses are provided by the factory for use during the tour. Children below the age of 12 are not allowed to participate on the tour due to safety issues. Once you complete the tour, you can as well visit the New Holland Country store and carry along with you some of your favorite merchandise. Regular tours are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm while group tours are based on appointments.
Amish Village Backroads Bus Tour
The Amish Village Backroads Bus Tour takes about 1 ½ hours. Passengers aboard this tour can have their questions on the Amish culture answered whenever they come up. The tour takes the guests off the beaten path, past the working farms, and along the country roads. Your designated driver will narrate to you essential aspects of the Amish people as you watch out through the windows. Questions from your fellow passengers will help you realize even more information concerning the Amish culture. Every bus tour often includes at least a single stop at a unique location such as the pretzel bakery, Amish home, bake shop, or even the quilt shop.
Amish Country Tours at Plain & Fancy Farm
This is one of the oldest tours that has been regularly scheduled for over 50 years. The tour features certified guides and 14-passenger vehicles that are used to enhance a more intimate experience of the guests. Each tour takes about 90 minutes and includes visiting Amish farms, craft and quilt shops, roadside stands, and a bakery. Guests can also choose to explore the SuperSaver Tour Package that includes the Amish Country Homestead & Schoolroom, a free Amish cookbook, ‘Jacob’s Choice’ in the Amish Experience Theater, as well as a free buggy ride through November. Other exclusive specialty tours include the Amish V.I.P (Visit in person) tour and the Daily Amish Farmlands Tour. Guests can always check their official website for off-season and winter schedules.
Countryside Bus Tours – Tour the Amish Country
The Countryside Bus Tours is often scheduled at the Amish Farm & House. It is a 90-minute tour of the rural Lancaster County and is helpful for guests who are interested in learning more about the Amish culture. During the tour, you will certainly enjoy the scenic beauty of the back roads. They have knowledgeable guides who will explain to you about the Amish way of life as they take you through the Amish countryside. The Amish countryside features Amish farms, historic homes, beautiful farmlands, buggies, and schools. If you are lucky, you may drive through a covered bridge and even stop at a roadside stand. This tour will expose you to various attractions that characterize Lancaster County.
Mennonite Information Center Tours
The Mennonite Information Center provides guests with reliable insights and information concerning the way of life of the Amish and Mennonites. There are Mennonite Step-on-Guides to facilitate personal tours of the Amish country. During the tour, an exhibit and movie are provided free of charge. There are various staff personnel who will respond to your questions and guide you through the area. You will be provided with brochures, maps, and any other information that you many require to tour the area. Since the Mennonite Information Center also houses the Biblical Tabernacle Reproduction, there are regular guided presentations to help the guests understand its history, spiritual significance, and construction.
Farm Tours at Verdant View
During this tour, you can experience a hands-on learning process based on a family-operated farm. Some of the activities you may engage in during the tour include milking a cow, interacting with farm animals, feeding a calf, as well as listening to the cackle of the hens. The guided walking tours last for about 60 to 80 minutes. The advantage of the tours is that they provide a unique behind-the-scenes glimpse into the rich agricultural heritage of Lancaster County. The scenic farm setting can also allow you to wave to a train engineer as the Strasburg Rail Road passes by. Furthermore, you can also participate in the farm-to-table experience by joining the introductory-level classes that will teach you how to make homemade ice cream or cheese. The tours are often open seasonally between March and November with limited availability.
Groups Galore
Groups Galore is an all in one stop for lodging, dining, theatre, and attraction tours. These tours will ensure you spend a considerable amount of time enjoying and little time worrying. These tours began as a passion to offer exclusive schedules that showcase unique places in Lancaster County without compromising the familiarity of the area. With these tours, you will enjoy outbound tours that are tailored to meet your specific travel needs. These tours are suitable for social clubs, senior communities, church groups, as well as travel clubs.
The above tours will help you discover a greater part of the Amish culture as well as museums and other cultural exhibits that span the greater Lancaster County area.

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