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Bars and Pubs in Lancaster, PA
Lancaster County, PA is home to a number of bars and pubs suitable for the needs of the locals and the visitors as well. If you are visiting Lancaster, PA for the first time, then you will love the huge section of bars as well as the local breweries. Local breweries offer their own selection of drinks to guests, while the established bars serve a great deal of the traditional favourites. The high number of bars and pubs will elevate your after lunch or dinner sessions to a new level of enjoyment. Here is a list of a few bars and pubs in Lancaster, PA that will help develop a memorable setting during your visit.
Loxley’s Restaurant
It is located at Heritage Hotel – Lancaster, 500 Centerville Road, Lancaster, PA 17601. At Loxley’s, you can enjoy a unique dining experience and exclusive drinks from the three bars at this venue. The franchise is a two-story structure that features a deck and patio. Apart from the three bars, you will enjoy an exclusive selection of menu items and a natural décor as well. The three bars surround a tree that is growing through the centre, creating a dining experience that will forever remain to be memorable. You can visit the restaurant and enjoy a few drinks at the bars with your friends. Whether you are hosting a group party or a business meeting, Loxley’s will help you setup a cottage-like setting that will enable you enjoy your drinking experience in Lancaster, PA.
Thistle Finch Distillery
It is located at 417 West Grant Street, Lancaster, PA 17603. It is the only operating distillery in Lancaster County and is considered to be a hidden destination. You can tour the distillery and try a free sample. You can as well order a cocktail or consider purchasing one bottle of their award winning Market Alley Gin, Small Batch White Rye Whiskey, or Penn Square Vodka. Reservations to visit the distillery and the tasting room at the Thistle Finch are not needed. You can get free samples of their spirits, serve cocktails, pour whiskey by the glass, or even sell bottles while visiting during regular hours. This franchise is more than a bar and pub since you can enjoy educational tours on how the distillery process works.
Encore Lounge
The Encore Lounge is located at Eden Resort & Suites, 222 Eden Road, Lancaster, PA 17601. It offers a classy but relaxed atmosphere. You can relax in the comfortable seating options available and enjoy watching your favorite programs on TV. Furthermore, there is a light fare menu that offers a variety of domestic as well as imported wine, beer, and cocktails. Whether you are visiting Encore for business or pleasure, the ultimate atmosphere, the food, and the drinks will make the experience right.
Buffalo Wild Wings
It is located at 2065 Fruitville Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601. At Buffalo Wild Wings, you will certainly enjoy a wide selection of great beer, sports entertainment, and good food. You can relax on the heated patio at the venue and watch your preferred entertainment on the 10 big screen TV’s. There are also 50 different indoor TV’s that will certainly keep you entertained. You will experience every possible sports package you have ever desired, with the exclusive advantage of having over 30 different beers on tap. Buffalo Wild Wings serves the international and domestic beer of the month. Also, the bartenders here pour and garnish the beer in a correct manner in order to ensure maximum flavour and freshness.
River Street Café
The River Street Café is located at 38-40 E. Front Street, Marietta, PA 17547. It is considered to be a hidden gem that has something for the locals and guests to enjoy. Here, you can enjoy pub fare or even seafood with selections that are paired with a very long list of craft beers and spirits. There is a large outdoor patio that makes this franchise a great spot to relax, enjoy a few drinks, and even catch some local entertainment on a nice day.
Iron Hill Lancaster
It is located at 781 Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster, Pennsylvania United States, 17603. Iron Hill has a really good sized dining area and a large bar area that can support about 20 guests. There is a typical selection and an array of styles of beers on tap. Overall, this is a good place where you can stop whenever in Lancaster, PA and enjoy a unique selection of beer.
It is located at 920 Landis Ave, Lancaster, Pennsylvania United States, 17603. It is a modern bar that is filled up with a lot of sports TVs. On your left, you will see a small deli counter that contains a handful of groceries to ensure your health is in check. Past the rest rooms, there is a bottle shop. The list of beers available is really interesting and you will be surprised to find a variety here that you hadn’t seen anywhere else before. You can try the food served as well and you will find the experience to be exhilarating. This destination is worth your stop when visiting Lancaster, PA.
McCleary’s Pub
Located at 130 West Front St. Marietta, Pennsylvania United States, 17547. It is a nice place to visit and serves more as a restaurant than a pub or a bar during the early hours. However, in the late night hours it serves well as a pub. The service is quite friendly and there is a good selection of beers. There is a decent number of crafts on the tap as well as occasional imports. Even though the entertainment is not always palatable to everyone, this is a quality bar that is worth to visit for the locals and the guests as well.
Lincoln House
It is located at 1398 W Main St. Ephrata, Pennsylvania United States 17522. It is a nice little local pub with occasionally crafted beer and decent food. The restaurant and beer sections are always clean and the service has been friendly as well. The selection of beers ranges from local options such as St. Boniface to even complicated ones such as Sam Adams and Great Lakes. This is a recommended place to visit when in Lancaster, PA.
Apart from the above bars and pubs, Lancaster, PA has many other fun bars and grills that make every visit unforgettable. Explore these options and many others and your drinking experience will be elevated to the next level.

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