Bird n Hand

Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania
Bird-in-Hand is a quaint village located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States. However, some parts of this census-designated place are thought to be located in Upper Leacock and East Lampeter Townships. It is located along an AAA scenic stretch of Route 340 (the Old Philadelphia Pike), about seven miles to the east of Lancaster City and four miles to the west of the Intercourse, Pennsylvania. This village has a large population of the Amish and Mennonite people and has an estimated population of 402 people according to the 2010 census.
The village was first established in the 1700s, and began as a place where farmers would meet for the purpose of conversing or doing business. Also, during the 1700s, Bird-in-Hand also served as a rest stop for the travellers who would pass by while heading to the west. It was an 18th century inn sign that inspired the name of the village. The sign depicted a man holding a bird in his hand. At present, Bird-in-Hand remains to be a meeting place for farmers and locals. At times, they are joined by visitors who are interested in exploring the rich traditions of the Amish people.
The village has a number of restaurants, bakeries, old-fashioned farmers market that features fresh foods, quaint local shops, home-grown produce, and handmade crafts. These attractions are responsible for promoting Bird-in-Hand as a suitable destination for guests to experience the flavour of the Pennsylvania Dutch culture as well as history. Actually, it is the prominence of the market of this village that resulted in its designation as a ‘market town.’ The backyard of this village consists of the picturesque sprawling countryside that is dotted with Amish farms. Through these farms and other Amish attractions such as homesteads and buggy rides, visiting guests can learn a lot about the culture of the village.
Tourism is one of the most important aspects in this village. Many businesses are tailored specifically to deal with the needs of tourists. Also, businesses run in Bird-in-Hand have an Amish theme. Some of the things that attract visitors to this village include events, resources, and popular destinations. Apart from these attractions, the village is also home to the Bank of Bird-in-Hand. This was the first bank in the United States to open after the passage of the Dodd Frank Act.
One popular event that is often scheduled for late June at this village is the Bird-in-Hand HomeTowne Heritage Days. Other events likely to attract visitors include the real health conference likely to take place in February, 2016, The Magic & Wonder Show at Bird-in-Hand Stage from April 21st to October 26th, The Confession – The Musical at Bird-in-Hand Stage scheduled for May 5th to July 14th, Lancaster County Carriage and Antique Auction scheduled for June 24th to June 25th, Josiah for President – Bird-in-Hand on our Stage scheduled for July 22nd to November 5th, and Our Christmas Dinner at Bird-in-Hand Stage scheduled for November 11th to December 31st. Apart from these events, there are many others scheduled to take place in this village.
Some of the popular destinations in Bird-in-Hand include the Amish experience theatre, Bird-in-Hand farmer’s market, Bird-in-Hand family restaurant, Bird-in-Hand bakery & bake shop, as well as the Plain & Fancy farm restaurant. Other points of interest include the Carriage Corner Bed & Breakfast, Greystone Manor Bed & Breakfast, Mill Stream Country Inn, and the AmishView Inn & Suites among many others.
Since Bird-in-Hand is located in the middle of the Amish Country, you will find very many Amish related attractions and things to do. You can hop aboard a tour bus, take in a show, try out an archery, or even get to the field and try your hand at miniature golf. Furthermore, Bird-in-Hand is also minutes away from the other nearby attractions in Intercourse and Strasburg. While here, you can choose to go for buggy rides at Aaron & Jessica’s Buggy Rides and Abe’s Buggy Rides. Alternatively, you can choose to float effortlessly over Lancaster County countryside by visiting Balloon Rides Daily – US Hot Air Balloon Team.
There are also a few tours you could explore including the Amish Experience Farmlands Tour, Amish Experience SuperSaver Tour, and the Amish Experience Visit-in-Person Tour among many others. If you are too ambitious, you can as well visit the Jacob’s Choice at the Amish Experience Theater and discover what it means to be Amish. Alternatively, you could visit the Magic Lantern Holiday Show ‘A Christmas Journey’ and experience an authentic show from 100 years ago.
Bird-in-Hand is a popular stop for visitors interested in shopping. There are a number of small town gift shops that have a wide selection of handcrafted products as well as unusual gifts. At the Bird-in-Hand Farmers Market, visitors find a truly unique experience of Lancaster County. The Old Village Store will also take you back to over 100 years ago. Visitors to Bird-in-Hand also get interested in Amish furniture and other handmade products and delicious bakeries. With such opportunities for shopping, you will find very many groups, families, and individuals scheduling subsequent visits to this Lancaster village.
Bird-in-Hand has a number of communities that retain the charm of Lancaster County without the congestion and noise of the busy highways. There are several places to stay at affordable prices. Most visitors enjoy the experience of relaxing on the porch each evening while listening to the clip-clop sound of Amish buggies that echo down the road. There are also various shops close to these residential areas and you can have your favourite ice cream, delicious meal or cake without much struggling. Some of the leading places where you could stay include AmishView Inn & Suites, Bird-in-Hand Village Inn & Suites, Country Living Inn, Greystone Manor Bed & Breakfast, Leaman’s Country Lodging, and Smoketown Inn of Lancaster County among many others.
For those visiting Lancaster County, Bird-in-Hand provides a drastic contrast to the congested highways and suburban slump back home. This is one of the villages in Lancaster County you won’t desire to miss.

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