Elizabethtown, Lancaster County, PA
Elizabethtown is a borough located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. This borough is at times referred to as Betzischteddel in Pennsylvania Dutch. This borough is located 34km to the southeast of Harrisburg. It is one of the only towns in Lancaster County that has an officially – designated Main Street District. Elizabethtown is home to various small shops, galleries, eateries, and museums. Within the square of this borough is the meeting of the High and Market Streets. Furthermore, the downtown core of this borough is still dotted by very many 19th and early 20th century buildings that lend a historic charm to the town. Furthermore, a greater percentage of the stories of Elizabethtown’s past can still be read through the vivid paintings available on the sides of the buildings that are available in the town.
Two stories exist concerning the origin of the name of the town. One version of the story considers that the city was named after Elizabeth Reeby, the wife of Michael Reeby. Elizabeth is thought to have sold the initial building lots in this town in about 1795. The second version has it that the town was named after the wife of Captain Barnabas Hughes who was responsible for purchasing The Black Bear Tavern in 1750. However, the history that is officially accepted across the world is that Captain Barnabas Hughes acquired land in 1753 and laid out a town that he named Elizabeth, in honour for his wife. The initial settlers to this town were the Pennsylvania Dutch and the Scots-Irish.
Elizabethtown was designated as a borough in 1827. Three years later, a railroad was established through the town. Since its inception, the town served primarily to meet the agricultural needs of its occupants. However, in the 1900s, the Klein Chocolate Company (now considered to be part of Mars, Inc.) and many other shoe factories were opened. Also, the Elizabeth College was established in 1899, while the Masonic Homes (Currently the Masonic Village) was established later in 1910.
This town grew much faster after the Second World War, thereby doubling its population. Businesses and homes expanded into the nearby farmland, leading to a sprawl and need to preserve farmland. Furthermore, this growth also led to the revitalization of the most important issues in the downtown area. Among the historical aspects that still stand out in Elizabethtown was the listing of the Kreider Shoe Manufacturing Company on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.
This borough is led by a council of six members that represent the three voting wards. Each of the members in the council is often elected to serve one term of four years. These council members are responsible for setting policies in all the aspects that affect the borough. Thus, council members deal with issues related to public works, budgeting, ordinances, and zoning among many other issues that could affect a small town such as Elizabethtown. The town is also led by a Mayor who is elected to serve a single term of four years. The Mayor is responsible for overseeing the police department and performing certain ceremonial duties. The mayor may at times be required to cast a vote at the Borough Council meetings in order to break a tie.
The public schools in Elizabethtown town are part of the Elizabeth Area School District. However, there are areas outside the town that still use the mailing addresses of Elizabethtown. Most of these areas are in the neighbouring school districts. Mount Calvary Christian School is located in Elizabethtown. One of the institutions that provide higher education here include Elizabethtown College. This college is a private liberal arts institution.
Elizabethtown is conveniently located since it is just a short drive to neighbouring Hershey and Mount Joy. Furthermore, it is also home to a number of restaurants, hotels, county inns as well as campgrounds. The town also hosts special events each year. Some of these events include the Arts in the Park scheduled for mid-May, Summer Lunch Series on the square scheduled for late May though July, Elizabethtown Fair scheduled for mid-August, as well as the Cultural events that take place at Elizabeth College.
Popular destinations that visitors to this town may be interested in include the Elizabethtown College and the Masonic Village. Elizabethtown College is located at One Alpha Drive, Elizabethtown, PA 17022. It is a private and selective college that has been ranked among the best and comprehensive colleges in the North for 13 consecutive years by the U.S. News & World Report. This college is residential and offers professional and liberal arts studies to over 1,900 students through their 53 academic programs.
Students at Elizabethtown College enjoy the experimental learning opportunities that they have by encouraging and supporting the faculty of the institution. The students engage in internships, research, as well as off-campus study. The college features rigorous academics together with an array of service and leadership opportunities that are made available through the student organizations and athletics. These activities are what prepares the graduates from Elizabethtown College to live a purposed and fulfilled life.
Apart from touring Elizabethtown College, you can as well choose to explore the Masonic Village. This Village is located at Masonic Drive Elizabethtown, PA 17022. While in this village, you can choose to live your way within the secure, beautiful, and endless options that are often available at the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown. The Village also provides its guests a rare opportunity to choose from various apartments, cottages, suites, educational, recreational, spiritual, and wellness opportunities. There are six restaurants here that offer scrumptious menus and different types of atmospheres that will excite you.
At the Mason Village in Elizabethtown, you can as well stroll 1,400 acres of the farmland, rolling hills, ponds, and gardens. You can make use of the Amtrak train station that is located adjacent to the campus. This train offers easy access to the local cities. The many scheduled trips as well as community partnerships targeted towards Elizabethtown make it a destination suitable for exploration.

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