Ephrata, PA
The Ephrata is a borough that is located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. This region is named after Ephrath which is a biblical town in Israel. It is a sister city to Eberbach, which is in Germany, a city where its founders originated. Originally, the region was an agricultural community and a pleasure resort. Over the last century, the population of Ephrata has grown. Census conducted in 2010 showed that the region has a population of about 13,394. In 1900 the area had a population of 2,452 people. In 1910, the population increased to about 3,192. In 1940, the population increased to about 6,199 people. It is the most populous municipality in Lancaster County.
The religious history of the regions is represented by cultural diversity of the individuals who inhibit the region. The region also incorporates many Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch traditions. It once became a home for the America’s first communal religious society, the Ephrata Cloister. It was founded in 1732 and was referred to as the pleasure resort and an agricultural community. Over the century, it has enjoyed a reputation of the popular pleasure resort as a result of the renowned spring waters. The surrounding of the town blends with an ambiance of historic downtown creating a unique small town destination.
Moreover, the town offers a mix of local boutiques and shops. It has been recognized as one of the largest farmer’s markets in the country. It has facilities such as restaurants, homey lodging, and live theatres among others. The region was founded in 1732 by the German settlers. The regions consist of celibate sisters and brothers together with married families. The settlement is unique as it adapts the European style of building. As a result of its uniqueness, it has been recognized as a National Historic Landmark and it is open to special programs and tours. The town today thrives as a small town that prides in its heritage and unique character. There are old order Mennonites that reside in the rural communities surrounding the town.
Since it is a religious town, the town offers refreshing mountain retreat and adventure for the visitors that visit the locality. There is a friendly environment where you can have fun with your family and friends. Individuals can also go to the field to enjoy themselves and have a quiet time as they meditate. There are also cabin rentals which have been newly constructed. There are restaurants where one can have deliciously prepared meals. There are also newly constructed cozy 2-bedroom cabins sleep. There are overnight packages in the regions which include sports fields, gymnasium, meeting space and many more. You can also have unique shopping/food and fun tours throughout the region.
The region enjoys different holidays which include Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day, Veteran’s Day and Christmas. Visitors are invited to explore the Ephrata Cloister. A tour is not complete if one has not visited the Ephrata Cloister which is an historic site. The historic site in this region can be viewed before and after the guided tour. Admissions to the site include guided tour and self-guided options. The guided tour directs the visitors inside the meetinghouse and sister’s dormitory. The areas are inaccessible on the self-guided tour. Tours to the historic site are available on daily basis. The tours in most of the situations begin with 15 minutes orientation video which lasts for approximately one hour. The different modes of payment that are acceptable include American Express, Discover, and Visa, Mater Card, cash, personal checks and traveler’s checks.
In the historic site you will find free parking, a Museum store, and picnic tables. Reservations can also be made for all the visitors. There are groups’ rates which are considered in groups of 10 and more or 30 and more. All the advance reservations for groups receive additional discounts. The guided tour for the visitors who visit the historic site is about 2 city blocks in length. All the individuals who need special treatment or are physically challenged are advised to make a call before visiting the region. Most of the historic structures are not fully wheel chair user accessible. For the Non-English speaking visitors, there are brochures which are available in Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Italian, French, and German. There is a German speaking guide who is available on a limited schedule.
Photography in Ephrata Cloister is only allowed for personal use. Video and audio recording devices are not allowed in the venue. Camera supporting devices are not allowed in the facility. If you need to hold any event in the venue such as wedding or graduation ceremony, admission fee to the grounds is required. If you need to have commercial photography in the venue you will need to make prior arrangements and the necessary payments. There are different restaurants where you can enjoy your night. The best ways that you can enjoy this region is spending the night overnight. The list of hotels in the region is endless. As a result, you do not have to spend only a day but also you can enjoy yourself in the restaurants. In the restaurants, you will get deliciously prepared meals. You can have a romantic dinner. There are also various shopping centers where you can shop and get gifts for your loved ones.
There are various restaurants in the venue which are best for romantic and casual dining. The menus in the venue are chicken dishes, seafood, Italian pasta, Panini melts, fresh salads, and steak sandwiches among others. Make sure that you have a room for a dessert. There is also a community Pool where you can have fun with your family and friends. The community pool is one of the oldest swimming pool in Lancaster County. The pool was remodeled and opened in 2012. The pool contains flume slides, zero-depth entries and climbing walls. The region is mostly suitable for farming. The land has enough water for farming activities.
Ephrata attracts much attention from visitors due to its natural environment. When you visit the region, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the covered bridges and beautiful destinations.

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