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Family Activities in Lancaster, PA
In Lancaster County, it is easy to find family activities that are fun to be part of. These activities provide you with the opportunity to build relationships and create long lasting memories with your family. In a nutshell, some of the activities that you can take part in include getting lost in a cornfield maze, playing miniature golf, watching a movie in a park, climb aboard a train that is pulled by a steam – powered locomotive, or even ride a roller coaster. Here is a list of a few family activities that will help you start your journey towards creating long-lasting memories together.
Experience the Amish culture at the Amish Village
The Amish village is located at 199 Hartman Bridge Road (Route 896), Ronks, PA 17572. This attraction provides families with an opportunity to learn about the Amish culture in a fun and exciting manner. You will enjoy the guided tour through the Amish farmhouse. The tour lasts approximately 25 minutes and is led by a knowledgeable guide. You will also enjoy exploring the 12-acre village grounds that are located within the Amish village. Here, you can pose for a picture in an Amish buggy, visit the Amish schoolhouse, tour their blacksmith shop, or even play with their farm animals. You may also consider going for the Backroads Bus tours that provide a chance to explore some sights and stops that you may not be able to explore on your own. The tour lasts for about 90 minutes and with the knowledgeable guides, you will be able to learn the culture, history, and way of life of the Amish as a family.
Take time to learn about time at the National Watch & Clock Museum
The National Watch & Clock Museum is located at 514 Poplar Street, Columbia, PA, 17512. This attraction is a fascinating museum that features timekeeping devices and is suitable for people of all ages. Your family will find the experience in this museum to be fun and fascinating. You will enjoy seeing some of the outdated non-mechanical devices, cuckoo clocks, tall clocks, and contemporary clocks. There are over 12,000 items to view in this museum, covering from outdated ones to contemporary versions, and anything in between these two eras. The collection in this museum is actually regarded to be the largest in North America. It is the perfect attraction for families to take a break and learn a little more about time.
Enjoy dinner and a show at the Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre
The Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre is located at 510 Centerville Road, Lancaster, PA. This is the perfect location to enjoy great entertainment at a great value, tailored to meet the needs of your family. It has been a top entertainment favourite for most people in Lancaster County since 1987. A visit to this entertainment spot will guarantee your family professional entertainment and top shows accompanied by an enchanting buffet dinner. Each year, the Dutch Apple features popular shows targeting families. They also offer families an opportunity to listen to classic and contemporary hits. In most cases, the dinner buffet includes fresh vegetables, salad bar, classic American cuisine, pasta, and a selection of various unique desserts. There are also seats for families that are not interested in the dinner buffet while watching the shows. One advantage of the Dutch Apple dinner theatre is that you will enjoy amazing discounts if you are in a group of 16 or more people.
Enjoy challenging Golf at Village Greens Miniature Golf
The Village Greens Miniature Golf is located at 1444 Village Road (Route 741), Strasburg, PA 17579. At Village Greens, you will enjoy challenging miniature golf on two courses that cover about 13 acres. Through these two courses, families can discover challenging holes that are surrounded by waterfalls, jumps, and many other obstacles. You will enjoy playing amid the many trees, shrubbery, gardens, and a flowing stream that make the setting of a golf game quite more challenging. Since the setting is naturally shaded, you will feel cool on a very hot day. The Orange Course is more of a traditional 18-hole miniature golf course while the Gold Course features 23 holes. After playing your round, you can stop by the snack bar and enjoy different foods, drinks, and ice cream. Most readers of the Lancaster County Magazine have in many occasions selected this attraction as the best miniature golf course in the County.
Enjoy Original Music Productions and Celebrity Concerts at the American Music Theatre
The American Music Theatre is located at 2425 Lincoln Highway East, Lancaster, PA 17602. Here, your family can enjoy original musical productions as well as celebrity concerts in an environment with one of the best seats in town. This entertainment venue has overtime hosted top celebrity concerts, seasonal Christmas shows, and original Broadway-like productions. There are over 300 live concerts and performances held at the American Music Theatre each year. Most of these performances are tailored for families. Whatever type of music your family likes, you will find upcoming celebrity concerts that will cater for your needs. The music and performances at the American music theatre never stop and once you visit once, you will make it a local favourite. Guests visiting from other parts outside Lancaster County can always confirm the schedule by calling the box office in advance.
Enjoy flying hot air balloons at the AE Balloon Flights, LLC
AE Balloon Flights offers one of the best views of South Central Pennsylvania through a hot air balloon flight. You can also soar over Lancaster and York counties while rolling hills as well as open farmlands. Your family will certainly find it exciting to fly a few inches above the waters of Susquehanna River. AE Balloon is the only place that will allow you to enjoy flights over and around the Susquehanna River. With the fun and excitement in these flights, your family can experience the exquisiteness of the Lower Susquehanna Valley area. Surprisingly, you may also enjoy the rare chance of venturing a walk inside a balloon in the new walk-thru, Galaleo program just introduced.
Lancaster County is scattered with various locations for your family to have a blast. With the list above and many others that you may discover on your own, you are certain to have fun with your family while in Lancaster.

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