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Free Things to do in Lancaster, PA
Lancaster, PA houses many things for locals and visitors to see or take participate in. What is more exciting is that there are several free things to do in Lancaster, PA. The free things range from family-friendly attractions to historical sites and museums. Despite being free and suitable for visitors on a budget, the activities you can do are unique and fun. You might be interested in discovering some of these free things when planning your trip to Lancaster, PA in order to balance your budget effectively. Read on and ascertain a great compilation of free but fun things to do in Lancaster, PA.
Play with potential pets at That Fish Place, That Pet Place
That Fish Place, That Pet Place is a leading pet store in Lancaster County that allows guests to wander around and enjoy the overabundance of toys, pets, and related supplies. You can enjoy this without paying anything. The Pirate’s Cove Touch Tank located at the same venue provides kids with an opportunity to enjoy question/ answer sessions as well as free stingray feeding shows. There is also a reptile house and an aviary that provide guests with a free virtual zoo.
Hiking and biking in Lancaster County
Lancaster County has various trails that are very conducive for hiking and biking. These trails provide visitors with a suitable opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the preserved forests and woods within the area. You can also choose to bike around the back roads in Lancaster County. These back roads offer a foretaste into the Amish lifestyle. Furthermore, you will also enjoy the beauty and simplicity of country living without paying a cent.
Consider taking free factory tours
Lancaster County has a surplus of food manufacturing companies. Some of these companies include Herr’s, Wilbur Chocolate, Hammond’s pretzel, and Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery among many others. These companies offer free snack factory tours that provide suitable opportunities for visitors to learn the methods used in the manufacturing process. At Herr’s, visitors are also allowed to sample warm chips right from the assembly line without paying anything. For Herr’s and the other manufacturing factories, advance reservations are required.
Sample Shoofly Pie at Dutch Haven
Dutch Haven is located at 2857A Lincoln Highway East, Ronks (Paradise), PA. This franchise was the first tourist attraction in Lancaster to be established in 1946. It mainly serves as a home to the best Shoo-Fly Pie in America. Visitors are allowed to visit this franchise and sample their famous Shoofly Pie freely. Once you sample the free shoo-fly pie, you are likely to be convinced to carry along with your other delicious baked goods from the company.
Visit some of the covered bridges of Lancaster County
The covered bridge is one of the prevalent symbols of Lancaster County. Most covered bridges that were built in America several years ago no longer exist. However, in Lancaster, visitors can still be able to enjoy the sight of 28 covered bridges that are still intact within Lancaster County. Visiting guests can find the locations of the many covered bridges in Lancaster using the free map & visitors guide that can be accessed through the local visitors’ bureau in Lancaster. Alternatively, you can inquire for this guide in the many local attraction, hotels, and restaurants in Lancaster.
Visit the farmers markets in Lancaster County, PA
Locals or visitors with a unique appetite for farm fresh foods can consider visiting the farmers markets in Lancaster County, PA. These markets are accessible freely and provide an opportunity for visitors to enjoy a free tour of the ‘garden spot of the nation.’ The markets feature various stands of farm-fresh produce, meats, and cheese. Furthermore, you will also discover a unique selection of canned products, baked foods, ice cream, and many more products. Visiting guests must ensure to tag along a good appetite since there is always a wide selection of delicacies and lunch items in the farmers market.
Join the free Celebrations on the first Friday in Lancaster
If you are visiting Lancaster on the first Friday of a month, be sure to attend the free display in downtown Lancaster. During these celebrations, most art galleries stay open till late while most restaurants feature exclusive music performances. Everything is completely free unless you decide to stop at a restaurant and eat some food. However, this should not worry you more since most of the restaurants also run first Friday specials on such occasions and you may be able to enjoy a delicacy at an incredibly low price. This event if a free but fun activity to do, suitable for adults.
Explore trains and the grounds of Strasburg Railroad
Guests are often welcome to explore the grounds of the Strasburg Railroad and even ask questions about these locomotives. Normally, people are required to pay to ride them, but you may find experienced conductors who can provide explanations for the inquisitive guests. You can as well drive into town in Strasburg and spend a considerable time perusing through center square. At the center square, there are various interesting shops in which you can explore various unique items for sale. If you wish to take part in some athletic activity, you can head down to Jaycee Park where there are free public tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, baseball fields, and basketball courts.
Enjoy the taste of Pennsylvania Dutch Country at the Intercourse Canning Company
Intercourse Canning Company is located at 13 Center Street, Intercourse, PA. Here, you will enjoy over 300 varieties of canned foods that are manufactured fresh right in Lancaster County. There are several free samples within the store as well as interactive canning demonstrations that are scheduled right from Wednesdays through to Saturdays starting from 11am to 3pm. With these experiences you are likely to take home the tastiest foods from the field. Some of the exciting offers include relishes, fruits, pickled vegetables, BBQ, salsas, as well as hot sauces.
With the above free things to do in Lancaster, PA, you should now be able to save a lot of money in your next visit.

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