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Children activities in Lancaster, PA
Lancaster, PA has a lot of fun things and activities that are suitable for all ages. However, there are special attractions that are tailored to entice children. Children of all ages will find something suitable to do in their free time at Lancaster, PA. Most of these activities are tailored to help the children create a lot of fun memories, have a blast together with other children, and enjoy their time altogether. Activities suitable for children in Lancaster, PA range from buggy rides, amusement parks, train attractions, interactive farms, chocolate factories, local sports among many others. This directory provides a few activities that you can prioritise for your children when visiting Lancaster, PA. However, there are a lot of unexpected activities you may find in Lancaster, PA once you arrive.
Amusement park rides & activities at Dutch Wonderland Family Amusement Park
The Dutch Wonderland Family Amusement Park is the ‘Kingdom for Kids’ in Lancaster, PA. It is located at 2249 Lincoln Hwy. East, Lancaster, PA 17602. Apart from amusement park rides, children can enjoy an interactive water play area and can as well watch various kids’ shows on schedule. The amusement park rides are well suited for the whole family and adults can share with their children in this unique experience. However, there are certain rides that are well suited for the children. The interactive water play section is referred to as the Duke’s Lagoon. Some of the shows that are featured for the kids include high dive shows that the adults can as well enjoy watching.
Discover the process of making ice cream at Turkey Hill Experience
Turkey Hill Experience is located at 301 Linden Street, Columbia, PA 17512. Your children will certainly love walking through the interactive exhibits that showcase the process of making ice cream. They can as well become ice cream makers and experiment making their own ice cream flavours. There are no guided tours here, but your children will experience a series of fun activities. Children can also milk a mechanical cow and take part in the hands-on-exhibits that are certainly fun and enjoyable. There are a lot of free samples of ice cream and iced tea for you and your children to taste. Once children are confident with the ice cream making process, they are allowed to follow similar steps in creating their own flavours. What is more exciting about Turkey Hill is that you can star in your own commercial and promote your new ice cream.
Conquer the Amazing Maize Maze at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm
Children will have an exciting experience trying to prove their skills in dominating the interactive 5-acre corn maze. The maze has over 2.5 miles of paths, clues, and scenic bridges. Several children have tackled this maze throughout the years. The experience may sound frightening for your children but there are several Maze Masters on course to help you and your children whenever you get off track. It is the best challenging activity that schools could schedule during field trips for their children. Apart from the maze activity, Cherry Crest Adventure farm features other exciting activities such as singing chicken shows, pumpkin slinger, pedal karts, and guided wagon tours among other activities.
Watch the intersecting and winding of 22 model trains at Choo Choo Barn
The Choo Choo Barn is located at 226 Gap Road (Route 741), Strasburg, PA 17579. It is a fascinating stop for children of all ages. One of the activities here features 22 model trains that intersect and wind in and out through the 1,700 square foot display. A child’s heart and imagination certainly finds this activity fun to watch. There are over 150 hand-built animated figures in between the trains and tracks that will leave your children more than excited. One of the most exciting animated figures features a house catch on fire and a fire truck rush to the scene to put of the fire. At the Choo Choo Barn, you will also enjoy the miniature display of Lancaster County.
Enjoy a day out with Thomas at the Strasburg Rail Road
Thomas the Tank Engine is a full-sized steam locomotive that comes to Lancaster County each year to greet his friends. Parents and family members can accompany their children for a 20-minute ride through the Lancaster County’s Amish farmlands on a train that is pulled by Thomas. Children certainly love this adventure. Apart from the fun in the train, there are other activities for children to take participate. Such include hands-on arts and crafts and storytelling. The dates for the Day Out with Thomas are often announced well in advance. Be sure to bring your camera to capture the exciting moments with your children.
Play and Learn at Hands-on House Children’s Museum
The Hands-on House Children’s Museum is located at 721 Landis Valley Road, Lancaster, PA 17601. The venue allows kids to learn while playing. You can bring your children here and allow them to unbridle their imagination as they explore the different exhibits and educational programs. However, the programs are nominated for children aged between 2-10 years. Parents and care-givers to the children can tag along as well. Most activities feature self-directed activities that allow children and adults to play and learn together. But, adults are allowed to always allow their children take the lead in the play in order for them to use their imagination.
Play Miniature Golf at Waters Edge Mini Golf
The Waters Edge Mini Golf is located at 230 N. Ronks Road, Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505. You can bring your children here to enjoy miniature golf in an environment that is surrounded by waterfalls, gardens, ponds, and shrubs. The course is well-lit and you can extend the play time into the night with your children. Children can enjoy some delicious ice cream in the snack bar after a round of golf. Furthermore, they can as well stop by the petting zoo and take part in feeding the goats, chicken, and a llama. Guests are also allowed to rent bicycles and scooters for fun when touring the Amish farmlands.
The above children activities in Lancaster, PA are just a beginning to the countless activities that Lancaster has for children to explore.

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