Manheim is a borough located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA. It is also referred to as Mannem in Pennsylvania Dutch. This borough has an estimated population of 4,858 as per the 2010 census. It was founded in 1760 by Henrich Wilhelm Stiegel. Stiegel reportedly named the town for an area in Germany where he grew up. Also, Stiegel envisioned Manheim as an industrial town and even went ahead to build the American Flint Glass Manufactory. The Factory failed in 1774 but was able to produce Stiegel glass and is still considered as a highly-prized collectible in the contemporary society. This failure and many others made Stiegel to suffer a lot of financial losses before his death. However, he left behind a good foundation for the development of schools and businesses that have strengthened a growing culture in Manheim.
Between 1800 and the culmination of the Civil War, this borough flourished as an industrial centre. As such, it supported various businesses that sold bricks, grandfather clocks. The town also supported tanners, blacksmiths, potters, and wagon shops. The initial railroad train came into Manheim on the 1st of January 1862. This was after the completion of the first division of the Columbia and Reading Railroad. This railroad opened the door towards dependable transportation routes for the manufactured goods. This encouraged a boost in the economy. Even though this industrial base was later affected severely by the Depression in the 1930s, Manheim still remains as a trading centre for the farmers living along the well-travelled Route 72.
Another forward step towards the development of Manheim was in 1884. During this year, there was the laying of water pipes as well as the beginning of service by the Manheim Electric Company. These developments set up a plant in Bomberger’s Mill that was located towards the end of Mill Street.
One of the main public services available at Manheim is the Manheim Community Library. This library is located on High Street and is a member of the Library System of Lancaster County. This borough is also served by the Manheim Central School District as well as the Manheim Central High School. Manheim Central School District serves the Manheim borough, Rapho Township, and Penn Township. This school district includes five schools. Three of these schools are elementary: Stiegel, Doe Run, and H.C. Burgard. The other two schools are Middle and High School.
Manheim is also home to the largest Auto Auction in the world. The Manheim Auto Auction can be found on Route 72. It receives a lot of visitors on a daily basis, but only opens on Fridays for business. The Manhei, Community Farm Show is also held on the first week of every October at the Fairgrounds. Furthermore, Root’s Market which is considered to be the home of the oldest single family-run country market in Pennsylvania is located to the south of Manheim.
Manheim also has a lot of literary and artistic depiction. For instance, Anna Balmer Myers, who was born in Manheim authored a number of works that depicted much about Lancaster County. Her book, I Lift My Lamp is one of the historical novels that depicts the early settlement of the County. The book also depicts Henry William Stiegel and his Manheim glassworks, the Ephrata Cloister, as well as a Mennonite Eby family. Apart from Myers, William S. Rice, a woodblock print artist was born in Manheim. Rice depicted a greater percentage of the town in a number of his works.
Manheim is also home to some notable people in history. August Burns Red, a Metalcore Band originated in Manheim. Adam Cole, a professional wrestler was also born and raised in Manheim. Lastly, Matt Nagy, a professional coach of the Kansas City Chiefs who play in the NFL was also born and raised in this borough.
The history of Manheim is still evident in the town at present. There are various examples of early log cabins that line its streets. Also, most buildings still display the styles of the late Victorian and early 20th century. The town is also home to a number of quaint contemporary and B&Bs hotels, and comfortable neighbourhood restaurants. There are various attractions in the outskirts of Manheim that are suitable for all ages. The surrounding north-western Lancaster County area is also a treasure that deserves much recognition. Visitors can often visit the countryside in Manheim using the Historic Rivertowns and Western Villages trail that weaves through the farmland, towns, as well as covered bridges.
Some of the events that take place in Manheim include the Cruisin’ the Square, scheduled for late October, Holiday Tree Lighting, scheduled for Saturday following Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Eve Party, that takes place on December 31st. Apart from events, Manheim also features two important resources: the Manheim Chamber of Commerce and the Manheim Downtown Development.
The Manheim Area of Commerce was first organized on February 27th, 1960 by a group of businessmen. It was established in order to advance commercial, civic, industrial, as well as the general interests of the Manheim Borough and the surrounding townships. The Chamber has undertaken a number of projects that are aimed at making the community better. On the other hand, the Manheim Downton Development Group was established in May 2001 as a subcommittee under the Manheim Area Economic Development Corporation.
One popular destination to consider visiting while in Manheim is the Kreider Farm Tour. The Kreider farm is located at 1467 Lancaster Road Manheim, PA 17545. The farm is nestled in the rich farmland of Lancaster County. The farming operations in this farm have cultivated a unique network of business enterprises that represent the efficient production that makes other countries envy the American modern farm. While visiting this farm, you can tour a state-of-the-art farm operations. During the tour, you will observe 54-cow carousel milking parlour, admire the calves, drive through the immense loafing barn, or even take time to learn about the field crops. Group tours are available but you need to call in advance to reserve your spot.
Manheim is a treasure in Lancaster County, and is a borough that interests very many tourists all year round.

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