Paradise, Pennsylvania is located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA. It is a census-designated place (CDP) with a zip code of 17562. Its population is roughly 1,129 as per the 2010 census. This CDP is a popular site for most tourists visiting Pennsylvania Dutch, just like Intercourse is. Most tourists like the name of this town and consider it to be a paradise in real sense. Paradise and Intercourse are often named together in the lists of ‘Delightfully named towns’ in Pennsylvania Dutchland. Other towns featuring on this list include Blue Ball, Bareville, Lititz, Bird-in-Hand, Fertility, and Mount Joy as well. This town was the setting of Trapped in Paradise, a 1994 comedy film.
Paradise is generally considered to be a small community that is located along Route 30, in Eastern Lancaster County. The town is also to the east of the outlets centers that are located along Route 30. Paradise is also located north and east of Strasburg and three miles to the south of Intercourse. The town includes very fine restaurants, typical Lancaster County landmarks, and unusual stores. Some of the typical landmarks include a covered bridge, beautiful Amish farmlands, and an old mill.
Based on statistics from the United States Census Bureau, Paradise, Pennsylvania has a total area of 3.1km2. Out of this, 2.8km2 is covered by land while 0.10km2 is covered by water. Based on the earlier census of 2000, the median income for a household in Paradise was recorded to be $41,875. Also, the median income for a family was recorded as $44,583. Males had a median income of roughly $31,800 while that of females was $21,917. The same results also indicate that the per capita income for Paradise was $18,700. Roughly 1.8% of the families as well as 7.1% of the total population live below the poverty line.
Paradise has a number of points of interest that encourage regular visits from tourists. The Cherry Crest Adventure Farm is one of the major points of interest. This farm is located along 150 Cherry Hill Road, Ronks, PA 17572. It serves as the home to the Amazing Maize Maze. Locals and guests can prove their skills by conquering the interactive 5-acre corn maze that has over 2.5 miles of paths, clues, and scenic bridges. There are over a million adventures who have been to this attraction in Paradise and tackled this maze since its inception. This maze is a fun adventure for kids as well as adults of all ages. You can as well schedule to build teamwork at this farm in Paradise.
Paradise is also home to the Dutch Haven, located along 2857A Lincoln Highway East (U.S. Route 30) Ronks (Paradise), PA 17572. This attraction is considered to be the first tourist attraction to be established in Lancaster County in 1946. It is also the home to America’s Best Shoo-Fly Pie as outlined in the Time Magazine. If you have heard of the famous shoo-fly pies, then it is imperative to learn that they are manufactured in Paradise town. While visiting the town, you can always pass by the Dutch Haven and enjoy a free sample of the best shoo-fly pie in America. Apart from the Shoo-fly, Dutch Haven is also Route 30’s largest Amish crafts store. Thus, Paradise has a huge number of hand-made Amish crafts, merchandise, and gifts. Paradise is a haven for framed art, wall hangings, tiki poles, totes, wind chimes, and candles & candle sticks.
Paradise is also home to various Amish Country gifts and souvenirs. This town has a one – stop shop for these gifts and souvenirs in Lancaster County, Intercourse PA as well as the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Some of the gifts and souvenirs you will find in Paradise, Pennsylvania include Amish hats and bonnets, Amish country t-shirts, Intercourse caps, Amish dolls, Hex signs, and Mugs, magnets, & many others. Paradise also features a lot of Amish made furniture. Some of this hand-crafted Amish furniture include rocking chairs, dressers, cabinets, bookcases, outdoor furniture, and finished & unfinished furniture.
Miller’s Smorgasbord is also a favourite location to visit in Paradise. It is located at 2811 Lincoln Highway East (U.S. Route 30) Ronks, PA 17572. Miller’s Smorgasbord traces its foundation back to the 1920’s. It began as a small diner that was initiated by Anna Miller but is currently one of the most popular restaurants in Paradise, Lancaster County. You can enjoy three dining options at this facility: traditional smorgasbord dinner, soup, salad, & bread smorgasbord, as well as an AlaCarte Menu.
Paradise also features a market referred to as Saturday Market at Paradise. This market is located along 3293 Lincoln Highway East Paradise, PA 17562. This market has over 20 vendors who sell their products on a weekly basis. The market is designed to provide the local people as well as the tourists with an opportunity to purchase fresh and locally produced vegetables, food, as well as handmade items. The market also has fresh produce, handmade crafts, baked goods, lotions, soaps, perennials, flowers, chicken, and ribs. This market is quite family-friendly and has plenty of onsite parking.
There are also a few entertainment venues in Paradise. One common venue most guests consider visiting include the Rainbow’s Comedy Playhouse. This venue is located along 3065 Lincoln Highway East (U.S. Route 30) Paradise, PA 17562. This venue allows you to start with a delicious meal before sitting back and enjoying quality entertainment that can best be described as light-hearted. Some of the shows that showcased in 2015 at this playhouse include Squabbles from January 23rd to March 21st, The Hallelujah Girls from March 28th to May 23rd, Too Many Cooks from May 30th to August 8th, Over the River & Through the woods, from August 8th to October 24th, and Good Night Mrs. Puffin, from October 31st to December 27th.
There are a few restaurants as well with new menu options of four main entrees, salad and desserts. These will help you understand the real nature of food served in Paradise. There are also a number of restaurants that serve traditional buffet as well as a lighter fare menu.
Some of the biggest annual events that take place in Paradise include the Gordonville Spring Auction and Mud Sale that is held each March at the Gordonville Fire Company.

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