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Petting Zoos in Lancaster, PA
The farmlands of Lancaster County consist of many farm animals. You can never visit the County without sparing sometime to see these animals. Within the Amish farms, you will come across various cows, horses, and mules that will leave you excited. Apart from these lands, there are also a number of places within Lancaster where guests are allowed to pet farm animals. The idea of petting animals is pretty exciting, especially for the young urban children. Such attraction sites allow the petting of goats, horses, miniature horses, and other friendly animals. Below is a brief description of some of the petting zoos in Lancaster, PA you should consider when visiting.
Lil’ Country Store and Miniature Horse Farm
You can stop in and have a great time with the miniature horses. This Amish farm is located just outside Strasburg and features friendly and gentle horses that are waiting to be petted. There are 10 stalls consisting of miniature horses in their barn. The stalls are crafted with a large hole cut in the door to allow for easier petting from the guests. You can also have your picture taken together with these miniature horses. Apart from petting, you will also learn how groom, feed and undertake cart and saddle rides in the right manner.
Amish Farm and House
The Amish Farm and House is located at 2395 Lincoln Highway East, Lancaster, PA 17602. On this farm, you will find various farm animals in their meadows and barns. The animals may vary based on year or season. However, in most cases you will find turkeys, goats, miniature horses, pigs, donkeys, alpacas, and steers among many other animals. Apart from petting these animals, you can also take an original Amish House and Farm tour and learn the various aspects of the Amish culture.
HayLoft Candles… Ice Cream & Petting Zoo
This destination is located in the heart of the Amish farmlands and is suitable for visiting by the entire family. While visiting HayLott candles, you can first top by the ice cream counter and buy some of the homemade ice cream in Lancaster County. Later on, you can step outside and enjoy the fun in the petting Zoo. The Zoo hosts various friendly farm animals as well as several exotic animals. You can also carry along with you picnic lunch and enjoy spending considerable time in the gazebo by the pond.
The Pretzel Hut
The Pretzel Hut is located at the northern area of Lancaster County. It is a peaceful local destination that awaits the attention of anyone interested in a happy visit. Since Pretzel Hut is located in the woods behind the hut, you can take some time with your family and greet a number of furry friends in the petting zoo on-location. Apart from the petting zoo, Pretzel is also one of the most famous destinations to enjoy your favorite ice cream. You can also order for hot soft and fresh pretzels in tribute to the name of the venue. Furthermore, Pretzel Hut also specializes in a number of amazing home-style casual eats such as bison burgers, cheese steaks, chicken pot pie, and taco salads among many others.
Jim Mack’s… Ice Cream Mini Golf, Mini Zoo, & Arcade
Jim Mack’s is located across the border from Lancaster County, near Wrightsville. Since 1958, Jim Mack’s has been a favorite destination for family fun. Locals and visitors find it interesting coming to this destination several times, making it an annual tradition. Ideally, Jim Mack’s is considered to be the home of the thick chocolate malt. You can first start by tasting all their ice cream flavours developed on-location. This property is carefully maintained and has a lot of space to stroll as well as relax. There are picnic tables around the facility for eating. The property has a mini zoo that consists of animals that are well-cared for. You will enjoy petting a variety of animals in the zoo together with your other family members.
Bird-in-Hand Bake Shop
Despite being a bakery shop, this venue has added a petting zoo to its list of attractions. With this new addition, your children will not only enjoy the products from the bakery but will have the rare opportunity to have fun with the animals. You can spend your time or even consider feeding the friendly animals.
Country Barn
This is a diversified 82 acre farm that is located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It features a natural farm setting that allows you to enjoy various authentic farm experiences. Farm animals include sheep, ponies, chickens, goats, and many others that will keep your dream to enjoy the attractions in Lancaster alive. Apart from interacting with the animals, you can also take your children for a trip around the barnyard aboard the mini-wagon ride. You can also race with your friends and family around the pedal Kart track. The experience here is quite fascinating and you will enjoy more than the petting involvement.
Farmland Fun
At Farmland Fun, you can catch a glimpse into the real working farm in Lancaster County. The farm is operated by the 4th generation farmers at Verdant View Farm. You can take an educational tour to this farm with your children and have an adequate time petting animals in the zoo. Guests are allowed to choose between introductory tours and more hands-on options. The experience at Farmland Fun extends beyond petting animals.
Corn Cob Acres
Corn Cob Acres farm has over 40 exciting activities, games, and adventures. This venue provides a suitable way to create special memories and celebrate the fall season. Apart from the many exciting activities that you can be part of, you can visit the Barnyard and have an intimate time with the animals. Apart from petting the animals, you can also choose one for a ride in the farm animal barrel train. There are many more fun activities for families and kids here at Corn Cob Acres that will make the petting experience memorable.
Apart from the few petting zoos listed above, you can also find a lot of farm animals at the Community Fairs in Lancaster, PA throughout the late summer and fall seasons.

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