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Family Style Dining in Lancaster, PA
In Lancaster County, family style dining implies when Amish families and friends gather for meals at long tables and eat together. This County has a good reputation for good and customized foods. Whenever you join any places offering family style dining in Lancaster, you will be sure to expect plenty of good Pennsylvania Dutch cooking. Family style dining is completely different from what is experienced in Smorgasbord restaurants. For instance, in smorgasbord restaurants you are required to get up and help yourself. But in family style dining, different sizes of families and groups seat at tables and the food is brought forth by the serving staff. Each family or group receives serving bowls and bowls that are heaped with delicious foods such as roast beef, crispy fried chicken, real mashed potatoes, baked ham, fresh vegetables, and homemade egg noodles. The serving often features plenty of food that goes around the table. Here is a list of a few best places to consider for family style dining in Lancaster, PA.
Plain & Fancy Farm Restaurant
This dining restaurant is located at 3121 Old Philadelphia Pike (Route 340), Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505. It has been serving its customers with delicious Pennsylvania Dutch meals since 1959. Most of these meals are served with a fresh-from-the-farm taste. The restaurant also hosts the original Amish Farm Feast in Lancaster County. Each family or group can choose from two dining options: the Amish feast and the Ala Carte menu dining. The Amish farm feast features foods made right from scratch. Some of the food servings your family or group will enjoy include baked ham, golden fried chicken, real mashed potatoes, chicken pot pie, and freshly baked shoofly pie. These meals are also accompanied with side dishes, appetizers, multiple entrees, bread, beverages, and multiple desserts. If you have a coupon, then you will save much with the Amish farm feast option. The second option is the Ala Carte Menu Dining which allows families and groups to select from the various lunch and dinner menus. You will get to enjoy salads, full turkey dinners, charbroiled burgers, and many more. You can also get daily lunch and dinner specials with this option. This restaurant is open each day of the week starting from 11.30am to 8.00pm.
Good ‘N Plenty Restaurant, Bakery, & Gift Shop
Located 150 Eastbrook Rd. (Route 896, between Routes 340 and 30), Ronks, PA 17572. Here, you can enjoy good food and plenty of it. The franchise has been serving delicious and family style dining since 1969. It is ranked by AAA as one of the Top Ten Best restaurants for down home dining in North America. Furthermore, it has also been votes as the best local PA Dutch restaurants for a cumulative period of 17 years and you can trust the quality of services offered. With family style dining, you can enjoy delicious farm-fresh foods that are served right at your table by the well-trained attendants. These foods are cooked with authentic Pennsylvania Dutch cooking style. As a family or group, you can enjoy baked country ham, crispy fried chicken, fresh vegetables, roast beef, as well as homemade bread and pies that are fresh and baked on a daily basis. The dining experience here is extremely unique. Apart from family style dining, you can also enjoy individual menu dining with very cheap and affordable platters on offer.
Yoder’s Restaurant & Buffet
This restaurant is located at 14 South Tower Road, New Holland, PA 17557. It serves a breakfast, lunch, and family style dinner in an environment that is free of smoke. Most lunch and dinner buffet feature broasted chicken and many other entrees. Their salad and dessert bars include over forty unique items. You could decide to enjoy an assortment of desserts or fresh fruits that will elevate your love for this restaurant. There is also a complete line of deluxe sandwiches and platters that are served here. Families and groups may also choose to explore the banquet facility that is tailored to meet the needs of groups of up tom 800 members. The restaurant is open every day of the week, and you can always call to inquire about special offers.
Bird-in-Hand Fire Company
It is located at 313 Enterprise Drive, bird-in-Hand, PA 17505. Here, you can enjoy seasonal dining opportunities for families and groups. There is a fire hall dining room that features a great deal of buffet meals. Guests can also mingle with volunteers at Bird-in-hand as they serve at these home-cooked dinners in order to support the efforts of firefighting within the community. Attend some of the planned events such as the chicken pot pie dinner, chicken BBQ dinner, Lancaster county carriage & antique auction as well as the run, ride, and soar weekend in order to enjoy exclusive family style dinning meals.
Brickerville House Family Restaurant
This restaurant is located at 2 East 28th Division Highway Lititz, PA 17543. It is steeped into over 250 years of exciting history. It features cosy décor as well as original architectural accents that make this a destination you will never want to miss. Several homemade family recipes and freshly baked desserts are served at this restaurant. There is also an on-site ice cream shop that you can visit for refreshment once you are done with the dining. One exclusive feature about this restaurant is that you can enjoy your meal in one of the unique dining rooms available. Also, with the various unique dining rooms, you can be sure that the venue can accommodate very large groups and families.
Oregon Dairy Country Restaurant & Buffet
This restaurant is located at 2900 Oregon Pike, Lititz, PA 17543. Here, you can enjoy a full serving of breakfast, lunch, as well as dinner. Lunch and dinner buffets are also available containing over 80 different choices of food. There is also an ice cream and snack shop that you can visit once you are done with the dining. The ice cream and snack shop has over 25 different flavours of hand-dipped ice cream. The dining experience at Oregon Dairy is wonderful and suitable for all the ages.
Visit one of these family style dining in Lancaster, PA restaurant and enjoy a long-standing tradition of the County.

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