Strasburg, Pennsylvania
Strasburg is a borough which is located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in United States of America. Over the years, the region has developed as a linear village which is situated along the Great Conestoga Road and stretched two miles along the path which was later referred to as the Strasburg Road. Census done in 2000 showed that the population of the region was 2,800. Over time, the population has increased as the region attracts more people to inhabit the location. The town is named after the native home of an early settler which was referred to as Strasbourg in Alsace. It has different attractions which attracts people from various parts of the world.
The town is referred to as the Train Town USA because of the many railroad attractions around the town. The attractions include Railroad Museum and Strasburg Rail Road of Pennsylvania. The railroads also offer transportation to the visitors and locals in the town. Some of the movies have been filmed in the region because of the attractive environment. One of the movies filmed in the region is Witness, which was filmed in this town. Because of its historical significance, the town has been listed as a historic district on the National Register of Historic Places.
One of the historic sites is the Old Conestoga Road, which was used in the 16th century by a tavern. Some of the log houses were constructed near the road. As a result, of the road, the town grew as a trade center as people came from different parts of the world to trade in the town. By 17th Century, there were 32 taxable properties and ten hotels to accommodate a large number of visitors. Some of the early settlers in the town include the Huguenots and German Mennonites. In the same period, several church congregations of various faiths were formed in the region. The first church was constructed in the town in 1807.
The Old Conestoga Road was an important aspect of the town because of its significance in trade. It is the main path that connects Philadelphia to the west. However, in the 18th century, construction of a new road began. The road which was constructed passed through the West Chester to the Philadelphia. Over the years, the road has been developed into PA 741. Various guest rooms have been constructed along the road to cater for the tourists who visit the town. The road that was constructed makes the town readily available to date.
This borough is one of the most charming small villages in Lancaster County. It is unique, and its uniqueness attracts more visitors. The location makes it more convenient for the visitors. It is located at the intersection of 741 and 896 South of Route 30. The French fur traders have visited the area. The venue was later settled by Huguenots and Swiss Mennonites from the Alsace region of France. The town was also a cathedral city of the Alsace region. Some of the houses that were built in the 16th, 17th and 18th century are still in good condition and have become major tourists’ attraction.
Strasburg is the first-rate theatrical productions town. The uniqueness of the area attracts many artists who come to act in the location. The old building reminds people of the past. The town has managed to ensure that the building is in good condition. You will also find 17th-century homes and unique shops. There are numerous family attractions, brick-paved walks, and Amish buggies. The natural environment makes the place the best to walk with your loved ones and friends. You also get an opportunity to purchase unique gifts in the shops for your loved ones.
Some of the tourists who visit the town think that the buildings in Strasburg are false facades just put up for tourists’ attraction. However, that is not the case they are places where businesses have taken place for various decades. Additionally, they are homes for individuals who live in the town. They have managed to maintain the houses and make them more attractive for centuries. The buildings are passed from one generation to another. The people in the town have maintained the unique small-town flavor that is not found in most towns in Lancaster County.
Strasburg holds different events annually. The events can be found in the annual calendar. The events provide a platform where the visitors can interact with the locals and get an opportunity to know the activities that thrive in the town. The people are hospitable and ensure that the visitors get the best experience when they visit their town. Some of the visitors have preferred to spend their nights in the homesteads rather than going into a hotel, restaurant or motel.
A visit is Strasburg not complete without visiting the Strasburg Shoppes at Center Square. It is a place where you can stay, shop and eat. It is mostly referred to as a town within a town. The center serves freshly made waffle, and homemade ice creams. In the hotels and restaurants, you will get old fashioned Pennsylvania Dutch delicacies. The center is located near some of the local attractions in Strasburg Railroad, Sight and Sound, and major shopping outlets. There is also Bed and Breakfast, which is available onsite. The unique items found in the shopping centers attract a big audience.
After exploring the town, you can relax in one of the luxurious hotels in Strasburg. The hotels offer comfortable bedding, delicious meals and well-furnished rooms to suit your needs whether you are in a group or an individual. One of the places where you can enjoy the services is the Clarion Inn. The other services that you can enjoy include complimentary Deluxe continental breakfast, seasonal outdoor heated pool, and free wireless internet access. The hotels are exclusively designed for the visitors.
Come and have fun in this historic town. It is a place that you have the experience and comfort that you have been looking for in your life. Enjoy shopping and exploring Strasburg at your own comfort.

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