Theatres in Lancaster, PA
Lancaster County has a huge selection of theatres that will leave you in wonder. Most of these theatre feature dramatic, musical, comedy and spiritual productions. The theatre and performing arts venues in Lancaster, PA also offers a variety of Broadway shows as well original theatrical productions. Every Lancaster stage has performances tailored to meet the needs of everyone. Lancaster also serves as the home to the oldest theatre that has continuously operated in the nation, commonly referred to as Fulton Theatre. Here is a list of some of the leading theaters in Lancaster, PA to help you pull a seat, get comfortable and prepare for exclusive entertainment.
Rainbow’s Comedy Playhouse
The Rainbow’s Comedy Playhouse is located at 3065 Lincoln Highway East, Paradise, PA 17562. At this venue, you will first start with a delicious meal and then sit back, relax, and enjoy a very light – hearted form of entertainment. The menu selection features four major entrees, together with desserts and salad. You can also enjoy lighter fare menu and traditional buffets. This year, the schedule of the theatre features comedies such as Squabbles, The Hallelujah Girls, Too Many Cooks, Over the River & through the Woods, as well as Good Night Mrs. Puffin among many others.
Sight and Sound Theatre in Strasburg, PA
The Sight & Sound Theatre is located at 300 Hartman Bridge Road, Strasburg, PA. It features epic Biblical productions as well as musicals that you will never find anywhere else. Each show at Sight & Sound is brought into life with song, story, and spectacular staging. Most productions here take Biblical stories with characters such as Daniel, Noah, Jesus, and Jonah to develop a craft as well as elaborate musical productions. Even though there is a large center stage at the venue, some of the productions require the use of side stages on the right and left side of the audience. Such side stages often make the guests feel like they are in the middle of the action. Check out the upcoming schedule and make sure you never miss the magnificent performances as well as the heart-warming messages that are presented at the Sight & Sound Theatre.
Fulton Theatre in Historic Lancaster
Fulton Theatre is located at 12 North Price Street, Lancaster, PA 17608. This venue is historic and was originally opened to the public in 1852. The venue has over the years entertained its audience with great performances of the American stage. Some of these great performances have been showcased by artists such as Barrymore family, W.C. Fields, Sarah Bernhardt, Mark Twain, Al Jolson, Marcel Marceau, Helen Hayes, and many others. The Fulton Opera House Foundation was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1963. It serves over 130,000 guests each year with special performances suitable for all ages. Furthermore, the Fulton Theatre also serves as the home of the Lancaster Symphony Orchestra.
American Music Theatre
This venue is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and seats 1,600 visitors. It hosts over 300 live concerts and performances every year. The performances range from rock concerts, comedy club performers, and Broadway shows. It also features some of the hottest contemporary country music concerts. At this venue, guests can catch a glimpse of Grammy winners, Tony winners, CMA winners, as well as Oscar winners. There is no other theatre in central, PA that offers a wide variety of country music, live music, comedy performances, and Broadway shows year in year out. Take the opportunity while in Lancaster, PA to catch a show in the comfort of a leading premier entertainment venue.
Bird-in-Hand Stage
The Bird-in-Hand Stage is located at 2760 Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 17505. At the Bird-in-Hand stage, musicals and shows are performed on a regular basis. At this venue, you can purchase a meal, show packages, or even eat a smorgasbord. Alternatively, you can just visit the theatre to catch a performance. A performance at Bird-in-Hand Stage is certainly a source of fun in Lancaster County.
Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre
The Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre is located at 510 Centerville Road, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 17601. This theatre has been operating for the past 26 years and consistently provides top quality productions and award-winning food. The theatre has exceptional service and can cater over 150,000 guests each year. The seating capacity at the theatre accommodates close to 380 patrons. The theatre features simple but sophisticated charm that you will never find in the other theatres.
Jacob’s Choice at the Amish Experience Theater
The Jacob’s Old Philadelphia Pike (Route 340), Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505. At this theatre, you can discover the real world of the Amish people in the contemporary society. There are five screens at this venue surrounded by smoke, fire, wind, and special effects that resemble that of Disney. These effects immerse the visiting guests in a dramatic story that allows them to experience what it is to be Amish.
Theater in the Mansion- Mt. Hope Estate
This venue is located at 2775 Lebanon Road (Route 72), Manheim, PA 17545. At this venue, you will find holiday traditions and literature that will excite you. Most of the theatre season begins in November with the haunting tales of Poe Evermore. You may also catch the yuletide traditions of A Dickens of A Christmas at this venue. In February and March, you will also find it interesting ushering in Murder at Mount Hope with a special culinary. Certainly, this is a venue that you should never miss visiting when in Lancaster, PA.
The Junction Center
This venue is located at 1875 Junction Road, Manheim, PA 17545. It is a beautiful facility that serves as the official home to the WJTL (FM 90.3). This franchise features various venues for live performance that are used by the radio station to host a number of events and concerts. These resources are also made accessible to the other organizations within the community as well as individuals that are interested in hosting family and friendly activities. Generally, this venue is majorly tailored to meeting the needs of outdoor events that are held from May to October.
Local production companies in Lancaster have put in a lot of determination to ensure you have the best entertainment options in their theatres. With the above list of theatres in Lancaster, PA and many others you are likely to explore on your own, you should find a suitable option to be entertained at all times.

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