Wineries in Lancaster, PA
Lancaster County has a number of wineries and breweries that you can consider visiting after exploring the uncountable attractions. Apart from enjoying the wine that is locally-produced, locals and visitors can also enjoy taking part in special events and personalized tours that highlight the wine production process. There are various award-winning local wineries that you may observe during your tour. Furthermore, during the tours, you may also enjoy the sight of the peaceful settings and the beautiful vineyards. After touring the local wineries in Lancaster, PA, you can complete your tour with a few sample of the home-grown products used in the wine-making process. Here is a list of a few wineries in Lancaster, PA you should consider visiting.
Thistle Finch Distillery
The Thistle Finch Distillery is located at 417 W. Grant Street, Lancaster, PA 17603. It is the only remaining distillery in Lancaster County and is considered a hidden destination. You can tour the distillery and try a free sample. You can also order a cocktail or even buy a bottle of some of the award-winning drinks. You do not need to carry out any reservations in order to visit the distillery and tasting room. There are free samples of the spirits, cocktails, and whiskeys that are distilled at the Thistle Finch Distillery. Currently, there are distillery tours scheduled for Saturdays 3pm and 4pm. You do not need to pay for these tours at present.
Nissley Wine Shop at Park City Center
The Nissley Wine Shop at Park City Center is located at 142 Park City Center, Lancaster, PA 17601. It carries wine and serves several other accessories. There is also a full selection of Nissley wines that are produced at their vineyards and winery estate. These two production units are located in Lancaster County, PA.
Kog Hill Winery at Windmill Family Restaurant
This winery is located at 2838 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543. Winemakers at this winery select the best grapes and fruits that are used to handcraft over twenty different wines. You can stop by this winery and enjoy a few tastes. During the testing process, you can also pass time while chatting with the friendly staff. With the many wines that are available for your selection, you can pleasure in every palette. Driving to this winery is delightful due to the Amish road stands and the various opportunities for antique shopping along the road. Stop by this winery and enjoy the generous tastings that only cost $5.00 per person.
Spring House Brewing Company
The Spring House brewing Company is located at 209 Hazel Street, Lancaster, PA 17603. This brewing company has been serving beer since 2007. It features an exciting southern cuisine inspired menu that is made complete with a serving of raw oyster bar. There are over ten beers on the tap and you will certainly find something that will interest your taste buds. This brewing company also serves an assorted selection of wines as well. You can access the brewery everyday starting from 11.30- Midnight.
Thorn Hill Vineyards California Tasting Room
This tasting room is located at Foxshire Plaza, 1945 Fruitville Pike Lancaster, PA 17601. This winery specializes in the production of hand-crafted artisan wines that are of exceptional quality. It is the first Pennsylvania’s and only wine tasting room in California. The winery produces single type of varietal grapes that are grown within their own vineyards in Sonoma, Napa, as well as Lake County. Guests are allowed to always come in for wine tasting. Apart from this activity, there is also a Lite Bites menu that will excite you. There is also exciting live music on Friday evenings as well as free Wi-Fi. A few selected wines from this tasting room are often served in some of the leading restaurants in Pennsylvania. The exceptional wine-making process ensures you that a bottle of wine is consistently incomparable.
Wyndridge Farm
This farm is located at 885 South Pleasant Street, Dallastown, PA 17313. It is a new venue for craft brewing and hosting special events near Dallastown. Even though the farm is rustic, it is quite elegant. The hallmark of this enterprise is the Wyndridge Farm’s Crafty Cider that is a more sophisticated beverage that is made in the spirit of an out-dated Champagne-style cider. The enterprise also offers red, blush, and white wines. The tasting room of the enterprise will be open to the public through the week and on weekends. You can as well enjoy a tapas-style menu as well as purchase the Wyndridge Farm ‘swag’ at the retail store.
Vineyard & Brewery at Hershey, The
This franchise is located at 598 Schoolhouse Road, Middletown, PA 17057. Here, you will find all types of crafted wines from quirky and refreshing whites to appetizing and bold reds. Each bottle of wine is designed to meet the needs of the new and experienced palates at the same time. While visiting, you can pass by the Tasting Room that is located in the Farmhouse and taste about five hand-crafted wines for $3.00. No reservation is required to visit this winery. There are also special VIP Tour & Tasting packages as well as one-on-one sessions with the winemaker. However, guests are required to reserve their spots for such special tours. If you are not in a hurry during the visit, you can enjoy a glass of wine while wandering around the Vineyard, sitting out on the deck, or enjoying the beautiful view of the farmhouse.
Vineyard at Grandview, The
(The Vineyard at Grandview, The) is located at 1489 Grandview Road, Mount Joy, PA 17552. It is a family owned vineyard that welcomes guests to visit their warm and friendly tasting room. Their tasting room overlooks over five acres of vines that are meticulously groomed. You can visit to enjoy the tasting of very fine wines. However, you can as well find an idyllic spot that will allow you to enjoy an exciting picnic with your friends. You will surely find a perfect wine for you whether you love savoury reds, a sweeter palate, or even fresh and crisp whites. Tasting and tours are always available.
The quality of the local vineyards compliments the increasing number of breweries that are located in Lancaster Country.

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